Our mission is to help strengthen businesses defences by providing elite cybersecurity and Specialized IT Talent

Elevate Your Cybersecurity

Our purpose at Lighthouse is to illuminate the path to cybersecurity excellence for businesses by connecting them with exceptional professionals. We are dedicated to providing tailored staffing solutions that empower organizations to secure their digital landscapes.

With a focus on quality, expertise, and lasting partnerships, we strive to fortify businesses against modern threats, fostering a safer digital future.

The Lighthouse Advantage:
Why Choose Us?

Through our extensive network of IT and Cybersecurity experts, we bring the best resources to every engagement at a fraction of the cost of trying to build a team like this yourself.

Tailored Solutions

We know every business is unique so we invest time in understanding your company's specific objectives, delivering business outcomes that align perfectly with your goals.

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Innovative Technology

Specializing in digital transformation, cloud-first strategies, and agile development, we bring the future of IT to your business today.

Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

Kevin's expert grasp on cybersecurity frameworks and risk management goes beyond defense to deliver proactive cyber excellence, ensuring your assets are not just secured, but leveraged for growth.

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Kevin Bobroske, MBA

Founder & CISO

Kevin Bobroske is more than a seasoned IT and cybersecurity executive; he’s a visionary who founded Lighthouse to close the gap between a company’s growth aspirations and its cybersecurity capabilities. Under Kevin’s strategic leadership, Lighthouse doesn’t just offer a security solution; it provides businesses the freedom to scale without compromise. 

How Lighthouse Can Elevate Your Business:

Lighthouse isn’t just about securing your digital assets—it’s about building a partnership that fuels your business growth. Reach out today and take the first step towards a future where scaling securely and efficiently isn’t an aspiration; it’s a guarantee. 

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